Hair Growth Serum,2019 Hair Growth Oil,Hair Growth,Stops Hair Loss, Hair Thinning Treatment, Hair Growth Treatment,Hair Serum, Thinning,Balding,And Promotes Hair Regrowth For Women and Men

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  • Ankooy Hair Growth Essential Oil comes in a 30ml bottle and works by naturally activating dormant hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp as well as blocking DHT production, promoting rapid growth and nourishment of hair due to its unique organic ingredients.Suitable for men and women
  • GET YOUR RESULT WITHIN 4 Weeks - Keep using Ankooy hair growth oil for 4 Weeks to get healthy and stronger hair. The Ankooy hair growth serum is completely gentle, activating the dormant hair follicles and accelerating hair growth.
  • 2 or 3 Times fast Speed of hair growth.Dense hair, issuance, prevent hair loss; let the hair follicles to grow new hair root.Raise hair make hair smoother.
  • Hair Growth Serum can not only effectively promote hair growth, make hair follicle nourishing and active, but also suppress hair become greasy.