Single Colored Eyeshadow / Eyeshadow Kit / Makeup Cosmetics Storage EyeShadow Matte / Normal / Eco-friendly / Shimmer / Glitter Shine / smoky Natural Daily Makeup / Party Makeup / Smokey Makeup

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Features:Shimmer, Matte, Eco-friendly, smoky, Normal, Glitter Shine
Makeup Category:Makeup Cosmetics Storage, Eyeshadow Kit, Eyeshadow
Makeup Style:Smokey Makeup, Party Makeup, Daily Makeup
Number of Colors:Single Colored
Number of Colors Range:1-5
Texture:Shimmer, Matte
Quantity (pcs):1
Shelf Life:1
Quantity Range:1-5
Net Weight (kg):0.06
Age Group:Adults'
Sub Categories:Eyes, Candlestick
Type:Cosmetics Storage
Category:Make Up